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Service Materials Group,LLC is the culmination of 40 plus years experience in textiles and manufacturing of the company founders Dale and Dan Heidt. For the past 17 years Service Materials Group has been sourcing, supplying, and converting woven polypropylene packaging products to industries such as agriculture, fiber production, landscape and nursery industries.
We are located in a 30,000 sf building in Charlotte, NC. Here we sonic slit, print, weave on a narrow loom, extrude polyethylene and have a complete sewing operation all while continuing to invest in Plant and machinery to further expand our manufacturing and converting capabilities.

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5516 Susan Dr
Charlotte, NC 28215



(704) 609-0627


(704) 817-9732

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Circular or Flt Woven

Woven PP fabrics

We can provide you with the highest quality materials from around the world to best meet your needs. We understand the manufacturing processes and can help you design a specialized fabric. We can offer coated, uncoated, sheets, or in roll form.


Top Quality


We have long standing relationships with domestic and worldwide manufacturers that gives even our smallest customers the benefits in buying in bulk. Whether you need a special order product to meet a tight specification or a small lot from our warehouse stock, we can provide with the quantity of product you need, when you need them

We can provide BOPP, extrusion coated, plain poly bags, and sandbags to name a few.

We are not limited to woven fabrics as we also carry and can make bags out of non woven type fabrics.



Cabinet Armor

We have been producing Cabinet Armor for Several years. Through extensive testing and customer feed back we have been able to create an awesome product using the best materials available.


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Sand Bags

Whether you need a 14" x 26" woven poly sand bag or a bulk bag for sand we have what you need. We will fabricate a custom bag meeting your specifications.


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Silt Fence

We stock commercial grade as well as D.O.T. silt fence. We will custom print logos or message for a small upcharge.


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Sediment bags and Pipe Socks

We are a custom manufacturer of Sediment filter bags. We have produced bags from 2' x 2' to 15' x 125'. We can make with a non-woven or woven fabrics.


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The can custom print your fabric or we can provide you with a finished printed materials. We can print up to two colors and machinery can handle 110" wide fabric. We currently print such items as roof underlayment, house wrap, and coil covers.


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Custom Sewing

We have single needle, double needle chainstitch and lockstitch machines. Our machines can sew the heaviest of fabrics. We fabricate tarps, shade cloth, bags, tubes, truck covers to name a few. We can add grommets according to your requirement. Our lead times are among the shortest in the industry. We stock many fabrics both Woven, and non-woven , coated and uncoated


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Service Materials Group, LLC has the ability to:
Sonic Slit - up to 192" wide
Custom Sew

Woven or non woven fabrics


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Polyethylene tubing

We can custom make poly tubing up to 24" wide lay flat. We can produce up to 20 mils thick.

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